MyLegacy - Change the story of GIVING


MyLegacy is not just a platform; it is a transformative ecosystem that serves as a bridge, connecting donors with charities and fostering connections among donors themselves. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful interactions and collaborations that drive positive change and leave a lasting impact.

But our mission extends further. MyLegacy also acts as a hub for connecting donors to donors, cultivating a community of like-minded individuals who share a deep passion for giving and philanthropy. We believe that by bringing donors together, we can create a powerful network of support, collaboration, and inspiration. Through our platform, donors can connect with others who share their philanthropic vision, exchange ideas, and amplify their impact by joining forces.

In essence, our mission is to cultivate a community where giving and entrepreneurship intertwine, fostering a culture of positive change and shared prosperity. MyLegacy is committed to empowering individuals to make a difference and create a better world, where acts of generosity and entrepreneurial spirit coexist to shape a brighter future for all.



MyContribute is an innovative platform that connects charitable organizations with donors from around the world. Our platform offers a comprehensive listing of established charity organizations and NGOs with detailed information on each charity, including its mission, activities, and financials. This allows donors to make informed decisions about where to donate their resources.

MyContribute is designed to make charitable giving easy, simple, and convenient for donors. We provide a user-friendly interface that allows donors to:

  • Search for causes they care about.
  • Find the best charity that aligns with their values and interests.
  • Discover trustworthy charities that make the greatest impact.
  • Donate to their chosen charity or NGO with just a few clicks.
  • In addition to connecting donors with established charities and NGOs,

MyContribute also provides a platform for local charity organizations and NGOs to get listed on the platform for free. This feature allows donors to discover and support grassroots organizations that are making a difference in their local communities.


By combining the power of giving with the potential for financial success, we aim to empower individuals to pursue their philanthropic aspirations while also providing an avenue for personal and financial growth. We provide a unique business opportunity for individuals who are passionate about philanthropy. Through our platform, individuals have the chance to recruit and inspire others to become philanthropists, creating a network of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to making a difference.

At MyLegacy, we understand that exploring a new business opportunity can be overwhelming and daunting. That's why we offer a risk-free way to explore our opportunity. With our POWERLINE-driven marketing system, you can reserve a FREE position on our platform and take the time to conduct thorough due diligence before making any financial commitments.

The POWERLINE-driven marketing system provides an exclusive opportunity to access our back office, where you can review all the information and gain a comprehensive understanding of MyLegacy's potential of providing you with financial success.

We firmly believe that transparency and information are key to making an informed decision about whether MyLegacy is the right fit for you.